Mom transforms IKEA play kitchen into a fully-functional kitchen for her toddler

This parent transformed an IKEA play kitchen into a functioning kitchen for her toddler!

Tyne Appleton (@mommatyne) is a TikToker who loves sharing parenting videos and satisfying organization content. The crafty parent recently shared how she modified her IKEA play kitchen for her toddler, adding everything from silverware to running water.

In the video, Tyne shows that the original toy kitchen comes with a sink, stove, and cupboards. Of course, the sink doesn’t work and the cupboards are bare. 

To upgrade her play kitchen, Tyne starts by replacing the fake stove with a real cutting board. She tapes the cutting board onto the stovetop, and adds a few toy knives for her toddler to use. 

Then, she fills silverware baskets with child-safe silverware in a variety of colors and sizes. She adds the silverware, along with a few plates and bowls, to the play kitchen’s cupboard. 

Finally, and most impressively, Tyne turns the Ikea play sink into a real sink with running water. To make the working sink, she drills holes into the toy sink’s fake drain. Then, she replaces the sink’s fake faucet with a real one, and uses a plastic tube to connect the faucet to a jar full of water beneath the sink. Finally, she places a second empty jar with a funnel in it beneath the drain to catch the water. 

In a later video, Tyne shows her one-year-old actually operating the sink. The adorable toddler spends time slicing bananas on his cutting board, filling cups with water in the sink, and, of course, splashing water all over the floor. 

‘Parenting win!’

Viewers were impressed by Tyne’s kitchen construction video and jumped into the comments to express their admiration for the creative parent. 

“I would have been so happy to have one of these when I was younger,” responded one TikToker.

“I’m 16 but I want one in my room now,” a teenage viewer wrote. 

Another TikTok user replied, “This is probably fantastic for developing minds. Parenting win.”

Research has found that young children learn by copying adult activities. Learning environments that facilitate movement and self-directed play have also been shown to help kids learn.

Tyne’s play kitchen is a great educational tool because it allows her son to both mimic the way adults use a kitchen and to move around while playing creatively. Who says learning can’t be fun?

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