Daughter reveals mom was the voice behind tons of beloved kids’ cartoons, and TikTokers are freaking out

A TikToker is blowing people’s minds after sharing that not only has her mom worked as a successful voice actor over the years, but she voiced some of the most beloved and iconic cartoon characters of the ’90s.

“So this is my mom,” @bbgrltyson says at the start of her recent TikTok. “She also happens to be the voice of Tommy Pickles from Rugrats and Powerpuff Girls‘ Buttercup.”

The TikToker’s mom is Elizabeth “E.G.” Daily, an American actress who, according to IMDb, also has some pretty memorable live-action film roles under her belt, including the time she played Dottie in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.

But her voice work on multiple animated kids’ shows and movies is how most people recognize her.

In addition to Rugrats and The Powerpuff Girls, Daily has done voice work on the movie Babe: Pig in the City, playing Babe, and Happy Feet, in which she voiced Baby Mumble.

In the clip posted by her daughter, Daily shows off her vocal talents by saying a few lines as Tommy Pickles and Buttercup, which immediately transported TikTokers back to their childhoods.

“Your mom is an ICON omg,” wrote one person, while another called her a “LEGEND.”

“Why did I start crying?” someone else asked. “I love Rugrats.”

“She made our childhood,” another person said.

Others recognized Daily from another noteworthy role she had on one of the biggest ’90s sitcoms.

“She was on friends!!!!!” one person wrote in the comments.

As a matter of fact, she was. According to IMDb, Daily played Phoebe’s former singing partner Leslie, who turned the song “Smelly Cat” into a jingle.

After hearing this news, a lot of people couldn’t help but feel nostalgic for the past.

“I can remember when 6 yr old me found out Tommy Pickles was a girl,” one person recalled. “I thought it was incredibly cool. Told everyone I saw for the next week.”

“Bring me back,” said another.

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