Mom walks into nursery and discovers heart-melting scene with husband and baby: ‘My baby fever is so bad’

One mom walked into the nursery and saw her husband and baby holding hands while sleeping, and it’s total cuteness overload!

Along with the challenges, parenting can be filled with pure moments of joy that you wish would last forever. TikTok users and parents Sam and Ryan Looney (@samandryan) posted such a moment between Ryan and baby

The clip, which has more than 12.6 million views, begins with footage of Sam walking into her baby’s nursery in the early morning. What she captured next was nothing short of adorable.

The words “Walked in on this today…” appear onscreen as the camera pans to reveal Ryan, passed out on a bed, holding hands with their sleeping baby in an adjacent crib. 

Both parent and baby are sleeping peacefully, comforted by each other’s presence. The quiet moment embodies everything wonderful about those first few months of parenting!

‘Baby fever’

The precious footage unleashed a wave of baby fever on TikTok. Multiple users posted “Awwws” and tagged friends to share how the clip made them want a baby of their own. 

“My baby fever is so bad this did not help!” wrote one user. 

Others took comfort in the sheer wholesomeness of the moment, with one user commenting, “Some days, thinking about moments like these are what get me through.” 

Let’s face it — parenting can be overwhelming. But preparation is key for first-time parenthood. The more you know what to expect, the more you can appreciate sweet moments without sweating the small stuff.

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