Mom warns parents to ‘overreact’ if their kids go missing in public: ‘Shut down the store, shut down wherever you’re at’

A mom is warning parents to “overreact” if they lose sight of their kids in public. Her chilling story is going viral.

TikTok user Courtney (@tayandthetwins) gained over 3.4 million likes and nearly 4,000 comments when she shared her cautionary video online.

Now, like the mom warning parents of the potentially fatal dangers lurking inside their kids’ bath toys, Courtney’s alarming TikTok has gone viral — and perhaps it’s keeping kids safer all around the world.

In her video, Courtney explains why every parent should “overreact” if their kids wander off in public.

“Shut down the store, shut down wherever you’re at and have the security look for your kids immediately,” she says.

“I personally know a mom who thought her [mother-in-law] was watching her 2-year-old in a store while they were shopping. Well, her [mother-in-law] was not watching her, and they lost her,” she continues.

“The mom immediately freaked out, started yelling [and] looking for her and made the employees shut down the mall. Everyone was telling her she was overreacting and needed to calm down,” Courtney goes on to say.

“Well, about five minutes later, they did find her daughter in another store. The employee said, ‘Well, she came in holding hands with a man who I thought was her dad, but then he disappeared.’ The man was not her dad. He was trying to take her. He stopped once the mall got shut down,” Courtney concludes.

A child’s life is more important than people’s opinions and comfort!’

Thousands of TikTokers came forward to react to Courtney’s cautionary tale.

“They had the audacity to say she overreacted?!?!?” one person gaped.

“I’d rather be overdramatic than lose my child,” another user wrote.

“I think it’s so wrong to tell a mother she’s overreacting when it comes to things like that. There are evil people out there. Freakout with her!” shared one parent.

“Teach your kids to SCREAM ‘this is not my mom/dad, help me’ over and over again if a stranger is talking to them. Make people listen to them,” another user advised.

“My daughter is 3, and I’ve already taught her ‘stranger danger,’ and if anyone tries to take her, she’s allowed to scream, kick, bite, whatever it takes!” wrote one parent.

“It breaks my heart when I see missing child posters at Walmart. OMG, the ones that have been lost for years! It’s just so sad,” another comment read.

“If I see a mom overreacting IMMA OVERREACH AND BE LOOKING EVERYWHERE,” one user wrote.

“If a child is lost, there is no ‘overreacting.’ A child’s life is more important than people’s opinions and comfort!” declared another user.

When it comes to children’s safety, it’s always better to err on the side of caution — even if you risk looking “overdramatic” to onlookers.

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