Mom has a blast soaking her kids in hilarious water hose challenge: ‘So much love in this family’

A mom of eight had an absolute blast spraying her kids in a TikTok “water challenge” and now the hilarious footage is going viral!

Led by mom Heather, TikTok family @justthebells10 gained 5.4 million views and nearly 5,000 comments when they posted the video online.

Now, just like the dad who had way too much fun pranking his mischievous teenage son, Heather’s video is cracking up TikTokers around the world!

In the video, mom Heather answers each question in the audio prompt by spraying one of her kids.

“Who is your favorite child?” the prompt asks. In response, Heather sprays down all three of her laughing kids.

“Who gets babied the most?” asks the next question. Heather quickly sprays the youngest of the three.

“Who asks for more money?” comes the next question. Again, Heather sprays her youngest.

As Heather hoses down each child, she turns to the camera in absolute glee, clearly having a ball.

The hilarious video helped bring attention to the Bell family and their special story. As Heather explains across the family’s TikTok videos, they’re a family of 10 brought together through fostering and adoption.

As an adopted child herself, Heather knew early on that adoption and fostering were important to her — and now, each of her eight kids plans to adopt and foster themselves when they get older!

‘Cutest family ever!’

TikTokers in the thousands were touched by the loving Bell family and their hilarious video.

“Your family is beautiful,” one user wrote.

“I couldn’t stop smiling,” another user shared.

“What a fun mom you are!” commented another user.

“Cutest family ever!” smiled one user.

Heather and the whole Bell clan prove that, when it comes to family, love is always stronger than DNA.

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