Endearing mom with Tourette’s shows how she bakes cupcakes with her daughter

A mom with Tourette syndrome showed how she bakes cupcakes with her daughter and it’s adorable. 


thank you all so much for 564k!! omg! 🥰 enjoy me making cupcakes with tourettes and my daughter! (she doesnt have TS) pt.1 #bakingwithtourettes #fyp

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Samantha (@witchwithtics)—who has Tourette syndrome—chronicles her life with Tourette’s on TikTok to show that people with the neurological disorder can lead healthy, active lives. 

Tourette syndrome—also known as Tourette’s disorder—involves making sudden, repetitive movements or sounds that can’t easily be controlled. These movements and sounds are referred to as tics. Tics can vary in frequency and severity and may include eye blinking, head jerking, and twitching.

Recently, Samantha shared a video of her and her daughter baking cupcakes for her daughter’s 5th birthday, to show viewers what baking with Tourette syndrome looks like. 

The adorable video shows Samantha making sudden movements that sometimes make a bit of a mess. Meanwhile, her daughter is totally patient and helpful. 

At one point, Samantha throws a measuring cup into the air and then catches it. “Caught it!” she exclaims with pride. To which her daughter responds, “Niiiice!”

Sometimes, Samantha’s tics result in some minor spills. At one point she begins to stir the dry ingredients and then lifts the whisk and shakes it in the air. “You got it on my toes!” says her daughter as Samantha bends down lovingly to wipe it off. 

The big finale comes when Samantha grabs an egg from the counter and throws it behind herself while shouting “woo!” You can’t make cupcakes without breaking a few eggs!

The video—which garnered over 19.5 million views—had tons of supportive comments from other TikTokers

“She’s so patient with you, I love it,” one viewer wrote about Samantha’s daughter. 

“Your daughter is gonna grow up being so accepting of those that are different. [T]hank you for being a great mom and influence,” read another truth-telling comment. 

“This fills my heart awhhhhh she’s so patient with you I LOVE to see it,” said another touched viewer. 

If you want to see how the cupcakes turned out, Samantha posted a part two and part three

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