Mom is mortified to discover she’s sitting in wrong car, ranting to unknown boy about tampons: ‘I’m done for the day’

A mom hopped into the wrong car after a shopping trip gone wrong — and now, her hilarious story is going viral!

TikToker Cassandra (@mamacass0903) amassed over 3 million views and 10,000 comments when she recounted the horrifying experience on her account, cracking up users around the world.

And just like the mom who had no idea she’d been running errands the past four hours with half her makeup unblended, Cassandra’s cringe-worthy story is teaching TikTokers to find humor in life’s little foils and foibles!

As Cassandra recounts in her now-viral video, her harrowing experience began when she went to the store to buy dog food and tampons, since she was nearing “that time of the month.”

But when she couldn’t find the products she needed, she was forced to turn around empty-handed and head back to the parking lot, grouchy and irritated.

So, Cassandra hops into “her” car, ranting and raving to “her family” about the store’s lack of tampons and her “heavy flow” — when suddenly, she realizes the unimaginable: she’s sitting in the wrong car.

To make matters worse, the only occupant of said car is a teenage boy, staring at Cassandra in shock.

“I didn’t even say anything,” Cassandra choked out between laughter. “I just got out of the car and went to ours, parked two spaces down.”

‘LMAO, you just made my day better!’

More than 10,000 comments came pouring in, sharing in Cassandra’s laughter and shock.

“I just laughed so loud, my four animals were very concerned,” one user wrote.

“OMG!!! I cannot stop watching this and laughing hysterically! My stomach hurts from laughing!” another user commented.

“LMAO, you just made my day better! I’ve actually done this before… getting into someone else’s car, that is!” one user wrote.

“Poor child was for sure terrified!” another user commented, laughing emojis in tow.

“Lol I would be mortified. But I hope he had a great laugh and somehow finds this TikTok!” wrote one user.

“Someone find the TikTok of the boy talking about how he almost got murdered by a woman on her period,” joked another user.

Cassandra’s video serves as an important lesson in finding the humor in any situation — no matter how embarrassing! (And perhaps to always double-check that it’s actually your car before hopping in!)

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