Why are so many TikTokers apologizing to their mothers? It’s not what you think

If you have the phrase “Mommy? Sorry” constantly replaying in your head, then this viral TikTok sound has likely already infiltrated your For You page.

The two little words have taken over social media but “mommy” doesn’t quite mean what you think. People aren’t apologizing to the women who raised them so much as they are sheepishly flirting with the women they’re crushing on. Here’s how this TikTok trend got started in a car parking garage. 

What does “Mommy? Sorry” mean on TikTok? 

On August 25, TikToker @roofjesus posted a skit where he approached a girl standing in the middle of a parking garage. 

“Excuse me? Excuse me? Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy?” he said to her. 

According to Urban Dictionary, a “mommy” is a “hot female version of a daddy.” A “daddy” refers to a confident, attractive man. Now people are using @roofjesus’ audio to express their adoration for women. The “Mommy? Sorry” sound currently has over 74,000 videos associated with it. 

Examples of the “Mommy? Sorry” trend on TikTok

“When your trainer is a hot tall blonde with a phatty,” @nochurchservice said as she bashfully spoke to her Hooters trainer. 


Reply to @lily..gbt I dressed her up in my clothes and asked her to call me mommy. ‘Twas a lovely day 😌 with @drag0nmistress #sapphic #cottagecore

♬ excuse me mommy – tim

The user @supernovatova used the sound in a cottagecore sketch where she flirted with a bookish woman. 


She’s a spicy accountant btw😏 @rose_sabrina

♬ excuse me mommy – tim

“Me whenever she looks at me,” @jordorsomething said of her “spicy accountant.” 

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