Moms perform hysterical dance to ‘normalize breastfeeding’ in public: ‘We shouldn’t be ashamed’

Every August is National Breastfeeding Month. The annual celebration aims to promote breastfeeding’s benefits. 

Breastfeeding is still stigmatized in the U.S. When parents breastfeed in public, they are often made to feel embarrassed or ashamed of providing care for their baby. While not all mothers and parents are able to breastfeed, the pros are hard to ignore. 

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it can protect infants from numerous illnesses and diseases. Moreover, breastfed babies are at a lower risk of conditions like ear infections, SIDS, asthma, Type 1 diabetes and obesity. 

So when TikTok mom Monica Murphy made a fun video showing solidarity with other breastfeeding moms, she was practically doing a public service. 

“When I see another Mama unapologetically breastfeeding in public,” the video text read

In the skit, Murphy saw a mother breastfeeding in the park. The two moms locked eyes and started hyping each other up. Then they danced together with their breastfeeding babies in tow. The clip ended with a call to “normalize breastfeeding.” 

“You ladies are the best, my heroes,” a person commented

“The babies wondering when they asked for a milkshake,” a user joked

“I would say normalize respecting it because it is absolute normal to feed your child!” another wrote

“Brilliant I love this we shouldn’t be ashamed of something so natural,” someone added

“I always feel so proud of mummas feeding in public. I did it and it gives me such joy to see other mums confidence! go mummas!” a TikToker replied

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