Mom’s clever hack for fall candy decor stuns TikTok: ‘Well that’s flippin’ genius!’

This mom’s clever hack for fall candy displays saves money and looks so sweet!

Macy Blackwell (@macy.blackwell) is a parent who shares creative style, cooking, and home decorating videos on TikTok. To get into the autumn spirit, Macy recently shared her secret trick for making festive fall candy decorations on a budget. 

The secret? Place an empty glass into your candy jar before filling it with seasonal candy!

The video begins with Macy standing in her kitchen with three different-sized glass jars on the counter in front of her. Macy removes the lid from the largest jar and places a tall glass into the jar upside down, so that the bottom of the glass faces up. Then, Macy fills the jar with a bag of orange and yellow candy corn

Next, Macy removes the lid from the mid-sized jar and places a cup upside down inside of it. She fills the jar with a bag of black and orange candy corn. 

Finally, Macy fills the smallest jar with a bag of candy pumpkins. She places all three jars on her mantle, where they serve as a cheerful and delicious reminder of the season. 

Macy’s hack is brilliant in its simplicity. Both of the two larger jars Macy uses are big enough to contain multiple bags of candy each. Macy places the cups inside to take up more space within the jar and reduce the amount of candy she needs to use per jar to make her displays. The jars still appear full, and contain plenty of delicious candy, but don’t require multiple bags of candy to fill.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Macy’s useful hack, which racked up an impressive 5.9 million views and counting. 

“Well that’s flippin’ genius!” one impressed viewer wrote. 

“Why have I never thought of this? I just buy 96 bags to fill the jar and then eat them all,” another viewer commented.

“Ok, the cup is seriously a game changer,” another TikToker wrote. 

While most viewers appreciated Macy’s hack, some were skeptical of her candy choices.

“Are you kidding me right now? Pumpkins in the smallest jar? They should be in all the jars! Put more pumpkins please,” one outraged pumpkin candy fan responded. 

“At least you know the candies will last for years, because no one eats those,” another viewer joked. 

Yet another viewer responded, “I don’t want to start a fight, but honestly, this is the only thing candy corns are good for.”

Fortunately, if candy corn and pumpkins aren’t your thing, Macy’s hack works for any kind of candy you like! When it comes to decorating with candy, it’s all a matter of personal taste. 

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