Moms make their 1-year-old daughter her very first Happy Meal using ingredients from home

These parents created their baby girl’s very first Happy Meal, and it was epic. 

DeAnn and Alyssa are moms to two daughters, 21-year-old Anna and 1-year-old Wyatt. The couple has over 530,000 followers on TikTok, where they share what it’s like being LGBTQIA+ parents — and, of course, all the yummy foods they make for their little one, Wyatt.

The moms shared how they cooked up the baby girl’s first Happy Meal — without having to stop at Mickey Ds. 

Instead of fries, they cut up apple sticks and put them in a McDonald’s pouch.

To substitute the nuggets, they cut a grilled cheese sandwich into small bite-sized circles and placed them in a branded carton. The moms also threw in some avocado slices and a toy. 

They put all the items in a classic red Happy Meal container with golden arch handles. Wyatt went to town on the adorable meal. 

People on TikTok praised DeAnn and Alyssa’s clever idea. 

“Love this. I did this for my kids too, and they didn’t know the difference. I never bought a Happy Meal again,” someone commented

“I’m going to do this for all five of my kids. So creative!” another wrote

“I thought the grilled cheese nuggets were real,” a user said

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