Mom’s portable potty hack is a road trip game-changer: ‘I am unreasonably angry that I didn’t think of this when mine were little’

This TikTok parent’s portable potty hack is a road trip game changer!

Michelle (@teamrosa7) is a TikToker and parent who recently shared a mind-blowing potty time hack for long car rides. The hack? Line a portable potty with a diaper

The video begins with a blue and white portable potty that Michelle first takes apart and then puts back together to show each part and its function. 

“Get your potty,” she instructs over footage of a diaper tucked neatly over the interior of the portable toilet. “Don’t forget your wipes,” Michelle adds after placing the lid decorated with a sticker that says, “potty to reveal hidden picture,” back on the tiny toilet. 

“So yeah, this is how we roll,” she concludes while her adorable son, decked out in dinosaur pajamas, gives the potty a pretend demonstration in the back of the family’s van.

For a parent “who’s always on the road with busy activities,” in addition to long trips, this hack definitely comes in handy. Not to mention, you also won’t have to visit any “nasty gas stations.” 

Some viewers were blown away by the on-the-go potty hack.

“I am unreasonably angry that I didn’t think of this when mine were little! Smart,” one user raved.  

“This is how I potty trained my now 15-year-old. We had a van, and I had her potty trained at 11 months old because we kept a potty close by,” shared one parent. 

Other viewers had strong opinions about whether or not diapers were necessary for this hack. 

“Why waste a diaper? Just use a grocery bag and paper towels. So much cheaper,” one conscious consumer recommended. 

“That’s smart. I was thinking [to] line it with a grocery bag too, then just pick it up,” added another observer. 

Whether you choose to use a diaper or plastic bag, you can never have too many waste receptacle options for this hack. 

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