Daughter exposes mom’s ‘pre-historic’ 20-year-old makeup collection: ‘I’m throwing this away’

Many of us hang on to beloved beauty care items well past their expiration date. But one TikToker says her mom’s makeup stash is so old it’s full of “ancient” artifacts that someone should probably have thrown out decades ago.

User Maddy (@maddycaylor), who frequently posts about beauty, makeup and fashion, uploaded the TikTok. But after “exposing” her mom’s makeup collection, her video instantly went viral.

“I have to show you guys some of the prehistoric makeup that my mother is putting on her face every day,” Maddy says at the start of the clip. “Also, don’t even tell me, ‘Get her new makeup!’ I tried — you guys, she likes this. She likes it.”

One by one, Maddy then begins to hold up each makeup item that her mom still uses, including a 20-year-old eyeshadow palette that barely has any color left and a variety of mascara wands that she guarantees “are over 10 years old.”

At one point, she opens up a container of Cover Girl foundation that appears to be decaying and nearly gags.

“I’m throwing this away,” Maddy declares before moving on.

There’s also a Maybelline lip gloss that says “New!” on the front, but Maddy isn’t buying that.

“New when? 2005?” she asks.

From there, she moves on to makeup brushes, which she says feel like they’re from the late ’90s, and a Chanel palette that’s definitely seen better days.

“This is a cream product, that’s kind of gross,” she admits while guestimating that it must be around 15 years old.

After showing off all of the items, the TikToker wrote in her caption that despite breaking all the beauty rules, her mom somehow manages to have “perfect skin.” (Go figure.)

In the comments section, a lot of young TikTokers could seriously relate to this.

“My skin breaks out at EVERYTHING and moms can wear the same products for 10+ years and sleep in it,” one person wrote.

“how are all moms just immune to pink eye,” another person mused.

“I am sitting here cracking up because your mom and my mom ARE THE SAME,” said someone else. “She said there was ‘nothing wrong’ with 20+ something year old makeup.”

In a follow-up video, Maddy managed to find even more beauty relics in her mom’s collection, which include dirty eyeliner brushes, blush palettes with no cover and other items from brands she hasn’t even heard of.

After multiple users begged her to do a full tutorial with her mom’s makeup, Maddy finally gave in and posted one.

In it, she applies several layers of foundation (sans beauty blender) and comments that “this doesn’t smell like something I should be putting on my face.” She uses various makeup brushes that are shedding, attempts to try a brow liner that’s bone dry and tries not to think about how old the mascara is that she’s applying to her lashes.

“If I get hives, I’m calling you,” she tells viewers at the end of the video.


Replying to @josephinee17 hopefully my immune system is as good as hers 🤞🏼#momsmakeupbag #oldmakeup #oldmakeupchallenge #oldestmakeup #momsmakeup

♬ original sound – Maddy

In the comments, Maddy received some interesting feedback.

“Your makeup actually looks good with these ancient items,” one person told her.

“Lmao no it does not but thank you,” she wrote back.

“I mean you do old makeup better than I do new makeup,” said someone else.

Multiple people told her she was “brave” for doing this on camera, while another said it was “proof” that you don’t need expensive makeup products if you know how to put it on.

But a slew of others said Maddy should take this as a hint: “Mother’s Day is coming up,” noted one person, who said Maddy should “get her a whole new makeup set!”

Honestly, that’s not a bad idea.

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