TikToker shares clever money-saving hack: ‘I wish I saw this two years ago’

A TikToker is going viral for a simple method she used to save up for a dream vacation trip

Kassandra Lopez showed her followers an easy way to save up money. She didn’t use a money-saving app or trade stocks, Lopez just saved all of her dollar bills and coins. 

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It took her years to fill up a water cooler jug with money, but when she opened it up, it was enough for a vacation. 

“This is your sign to save all your $1s for a vacation,” she wrote in the caption. “Finally gonna have the chance to go to Hawaii. Took two years to save up.” 

She counted $2,100 just from the dollar bills. Later on, when she went to the bank the total was $2,633.50  after she spent six hours using a counting machine.

“Awe, I’m so proud of you. Have fun in Hawaii,” someone commented

“I put $1s $5s and $10s in mine. If it’s under $20, it goes in,” another said

“Bro, I wish I saw this two years ago,” a user wrote

Saving dollar bills is a well-regarded method amongst the money savvy. But there’s a bit more to it than just saving your small bills. According to Lifehacker, it works by switching most of your daily purchases to a cash-only budget. 

“When you do, use only denominations higher than $5. If you want to buy something for $1.50, use a $5 bill to do it and store away the three extra dollar bills you get as change,” Lifehacker stated.

The idea is that it will help you save of course. But it will also make you aware of much you spend and reconsider purchases by being forced to physically handle your cash.

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