Family makes ‘unsettling’ discovery after tearing out the carpet in new home

A family is going viral after finding a giant Monopoly board under their carpet.

The discovery, shared to Reddit by a user named Yamaha234, is just the latest bizarre home feature to turn heads online. In March, a Zillow listing in Ohio went viral after TikTokers realized it had a pool inside its garage. Before that, an apartment in London sparked chaos after social media users theorized it was actually a gym.

However, this latest home discovery might just take the cake. On Reddit, Yamaha234 shared an image of the Monopoly board floor, which they claimed their in-laws had found in their home.

“While tearing up their carpet, my in-laws found a giant monopoly board,” the user wrote.

The photo, which has since drawn more than 120,000 upvotes, showed a white room under construction. Along the floor, there is very clear a humongous, human-sized Monopoly board.

Reddit users were naturally shocked by the discovery. Still, many were mixed in terms of their response. Some found the secret design creepy and “unsettling.”

“I’m sure that house is haunted,” one commenter wrote.

“[It was] covered for a reason,” another added.

Others, however, took a much more humorous tone. Many joked that the family should change their remodeling plans and keep the board game instead.

“Holy crow, I hope they keep it!” one user wrote.

“Imagine playing with this board. I feel like everyone would be dressed business casual with briefcases full of monopoly money,” another joked.

“How am I supposed to flip THAT over when I lose?” another joked.

Some commenters pointed to an even more bizarre point: This isn’t the first time someone’s discovered a Monopoly board under their carpet. Redditors pointed to a viral post from more than seven years ago, during which a user named Nnewel claimed to find something oddly similar.

“Pulled up the carpet at the house, and guess what I found!” Nnewel titled the post.

Point being, you’ll never know for sure if there’s a Monopoly board hiding in your house until you look for it.

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