Woman calls popular Hamptons spot a ‘scam’ after encountering $15,000 tables and no cell service

A TikToker just came right out and said it: Montauk is a scam. 

Montauk is a small village in New York surrounded by beaches. It’s also near the Hamptons, a coveted vacation hub for the city’s affluent. (You’ve probably seen it on Sex and the City.) In recent years, the Hamptons crowd began migrating over to Montauk along with other city dwellers on vacation. With an increase in tourism naturally comes a decrease in coolness.  

TikToker @greyzindacity wasn’t afraid to say that the trendy town has become essentially cheugy and overpriced. 

“Montauk is an actual scam,” she declared

She then lamented the $15,000 cost per table at the Surf Lodge hotel and restaurant.

“There’s no phone service anywhere. A drink is $30, a vodka soda: $30,” she said.  

Every place that served food closed around 8 p.m., and a basic hotel room cost her $1,000 a night. Last but certainly not least, getting into “cheugy bars” required standing in long lines that were hardly worth the wait. 

“And I forgot to mention that no one goes to the beach,” she wrote in the caption

Few people disagreed that Montauk has changed over the past couple of decades. 

“Montauk is highly overrated for what it actually is but do I go every summer? Yes yes I do,” someone wrote.

The content creator replied, “Will I be going back this month? You bet.” 

“Montauk was awesome in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Now that everyone has discovered it since Surf Lodge came in 2008, it has gone downhill,” a user commented

“The $54 lobster rolls are a steal tho,” someone joked

“Me being from here and 100% agreeing,” a TikToker replied

“Montauk was not part of Hamptons culture until very recently it was always a fisherman’s town and a blue-collar vacation spot,” another said

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