Eerie video of Montreal after ice storm draws comparisons to scenes from HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’

Residents in Montreal, Quebec, are still catching their bearings after a devastating ice storm left extreme damage across the region on April 5. And now that images of the storm’s aftermath have started to hit TikTok, people can’t seem to shake how similar things look to HBO’s post-apocalyptic drama, The Last of Us.

One of the spookiest images to go viral was shared by TikTok user Kelliann Drury (@kellianndrury), who shared a six-second clip of a Montreal street that was hit particularly hard. Countless limbs, branches and other debris litter the street, while several cars appear to be smashed by fallen trees — including one that looks as though it was driving away when it was struck.


I’ll be Ellie and the position for Joel is open

♬ original sound – takiyu – stacie’s bf forever

In the background, the darkened, cloudy sky makes the whole thing look even more ominous, just like many of the scenes in The Last of Us, which remain frozen in time after the outbreak of a deadly virus swept through the world and led to mass chaos and death.

“I’ll be Ellie and the position for Joel is open,” the TikToker joked in her caption, referencing the show’s two central characters, played by Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal.

Other commenters quickly agreed.

“its giving the last of us,” one person wrote.

“Ambiance The last of us ouuuuu,” said another.

“i’m joel!!!” someone else declared.

Other videos of the storm’s aftermath have also been shared on social media, and they all show large-scale destruction.

In many areas, residents were left without power for several days and forced to evacuate to safer areas. According to CTV, there were luckily no reported deaths but roughly 82 hospitalizations due to the storm’s impact.


Ice Storm 2023 was no joke 🥶 Fellow Montrealers I know you all feel my pain right now! We tried to tough it out but the kiddos were so cold this morning and with the temp dropping below freezing tonight it’s only going to get worse. All our fridge food is in bins outside and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that our deep freezer stash won’t all go bad. We’re warming up and taking some hot showers at a hotel tonight so maybe I’ll be sharing some last minute travel organizing tips soon 🙂 #everythinginplace #montrealicestorm #icestorm2023 #organizedmama #organizedtravel

♬ original sound – Allison ✨Home Organizer✨

I mean really. You’ve just got to laugh at this point. So far I don’t know of anyone who was hurt so that’s the important thing! #montrealicestorm #tabarnak #calisse #printemps

♬ original sound – Katina Katz

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