Mysterious Alt TikTok icon resurfaces under a new name

A puzzling influencer who quit TikTok only a month after joining has made an unexpected comeback. 

For one month in the summer of 2020, TikTok was all about Mooptopia. The strange woman with a penchant for humorous absurdity seemed to come out of nowhere and quickly built a massive following — but then threw it all away. Now, she’s back under a new handle

Who is Mooptopia? 

Mooptopia was born Anastasiya Boryslavska in Ukraine on Dec. 9, 2001.

The TikTok personality, who posts offbeat and disorienting content, was dubbed the “Queen of Alt TikTok.” If you weren’t part of alt TikTok at the time, you might have completely missed her. 

Mooptopia first began posting on TikTok in June 2020. She quickly rose to viral fame, but a month later, she deleted her account, which had over 1.5 million followers. 

Her videos were characterized by her bloodshot eyes, which people speculated were from marijuana use. In one video, she claimed she was drunk while walking on the highway. In another, she urinated outside, alleging she had no clue where she was. Her videos built her a niche following, and nine days into her account, she opened a Mooptopia merch store. 

Why did Mooptopia quit TikTok? 

On July 15, 2020, she posted a video that only featured text. It read:

“I’m sorry, Moops, but it’s been a hard time for me lately, and I must part away from TikTok. This has been a fun journey. Thank you for all the kindness and laughs — I still, and never will, support Trump or anything he stands for.”

“Mooptopia really took over everyone’s FYP, had merch for five hours and then quit TikTok — icon,” @charlotteslooks said in a tweet

Mooptopia returned to TikTok in 2021

In late 2021, Mooptopia began posting again on TikTok under the name Rocktopian

While the content is still in line with her brand of absurdity, her eyes appear to be less bloodshot these days. 

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