There’s a new TikTok debate brewing: Are there more eyes or legs in the world?

TikTokers are pondering the great question of our time: Are there more eyes or legs in the world? 

This type of unquantifiable inquiry started with the previous debate about whether there are more wheels or doors in existence. Much like wheels vs. doors, eyes vs. legs has proponents who are either “team eyes” or “team legs.” As far as what the right answer is, we’ll probably never know. 

“I think it might be legs, but I’m gonna have to do some research,” @midwestmarvelguy said in a video

The user @_megancamille is team eyes because fish have eyes and no legs, while spiders have eight legs but up to 12 eyes. 

While those on team eyes argue that there are a ton of two-eyed fish in the ocean, TikToker @meap361 joined team legs, arguing that millipedes and centipedes each have hundreds of legs.


#stitch with @sideofguacpod Watch how many times he changed his mind in that short amount of time 😂 #eyesorlegs #eyesvslegs #thoughtexperiment

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TikToker @cstampr, who is team legs, made a great point about why these kinds of debates are useful. 

“I love questions like this because it is such a useful thought experiment,” he explained. “It shows people that you can feel absolutely certain about something, and that is a natural feeling to have, but you should question that before asserting that certainty.”

He added, “Before claiming and clinging to that certainty, you should challenge it yourself first. Make that a normal part of your thought process and be a critical thinker. These questions help reveal that a lot of people approach problems in their everyday lives at a very superficial level.”

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