Mosaic TikTok trend explained

TikTok wants you to participate in its #Mosaic trend to show people what you’re made of. 

The TikTok newsroom blog invited users to join #Mosaic. It’s a way to reflect on the experiences and people that have shaped our lives. After the crazy time we’ve all had this past year or so, looking inward definitely couldn’t hurt. 

What is the ‘Mosaic’ trend on TikTok? 

In the trend, often set against a 639Hz track designed for meditation, users discuss the quirks, behaviors, phrases and actions that they’ve adopted from other people in their lives,” TikTok stated

You can expect to hear stories like, “making time for a midnight snack because of a childhood memory” or how a specific person changed one’s personal style. 

The #Mosaic hashtag has over 461.1 million views on TikTok. 

The ‘Mosaic’ trend music

The sound used to score the #Mosaic trend uses a 639 Hz solfeggio frequency. According to Meditative Mind, “when the mind and body are in tune to solfeggio frequencies, you can easily achieve a greater sense of awakening and deep healing.” 

The frequency is said to enhance communication, tolerance and love.

Some examples of the ‘Mosaic’ TikTok trend

“I crack my knuckles every day because my favorite fifth-grade teacher used to do it,” @charliebanga admitted. “I like eating Chinese food outside because me and one of my homeboys that got killed used to always ride our bikes to this Chinese buffet spot. We’d bring our food back to block and chill on the porch.” 

“Why am I tearing up,” a user wrote.

“You are such a sweet soul!” another said

“If I’m holding hands with someone I always try to crack their thumb because my mom always did that to me,” @susi.vidal revealed. “I always offer my food to someone, my last bite or my leftovers because my dad would always make sure we were full before he finished his food.” 

“This is so sweet,” someone commented.

“This actually made me happy. It’s so wholesome,” a person said.


i love this trend so much ib: @joshuatreenationalpark @ritikarikatiki

♬ 639hz – Heart Chakra – Solfeggio Guru & Instrumental Zone & Zen Meditation Garden

“I always have a midnight snack because when I was in high school and I was studying late my mom would always bring me something to eat,” @ashnagray said. 

“This is beautiful,” a user commented.

“This trend is so beautiful,” another wrote

“Every year I always bump my students up who are one point away from the next letter grade because I failed Algebra I with a 69.4 my junior year,” said @senoraxamora. “I always let students kill time after school and come chat with me in my classroom because I know what it’s like to wait a really long time after school because your parents work and can’t pick you up.” 

“I wish I could’ve had you as a teacher,” someone said

“You are an amazing teacher,” a person stated

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