This state-by-state candy map has Twitter users divided

A new study detailing each state’s favorite candy has sparked a wave of online food debates.

The information, collected by and shared in an article by The Daily Meal, provides a breakdown of every single state, from Skittles lovers in Alabama to Reese’s fans in Wyoming. didn’t specify the exact sales numbers behind its data, but it did clarity that the figures represent candy bought during the past 18 months. You can check out the full list on The Daily Meal’s website, but here’s a homemade map by one Twitter user.

The results were limited to less than a dozen candies, social media users still had plenty to say about their state — and whether they thought the data was correct.

“Lived in [California] my whole life and I don’t know anyone that eats Jolly Ranchers,” one user wrote of their state’s results.

“Florida doing me wrong like always,” another wrote after seeing Skittles as the state’s result.

“When I saw M&M’s in Colorado I felt relief. There is hope for us,” one user joked.

“I knew New York would be Snickers. It’s a commuter snack and the peanuts =quick protein when you’re in a rush,” another added.

The divisive candy data comes just days after another food debate set social media ablaze. That one, however, was based entirely on a fake chart of each’s state’s “favorite” fast-food chains.

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