These are the most popular YouTubers of 2020

YouTube released its list of 2020’s most popular creators on Dec. 1. The company broke the YouTubers into two categories: Top Creators and Top Breakout Creators.

Gaming, giving, beauty and humor seemed to dominate both categories. And the Top Creators list in particular highlighted new and old YouTubers alike.

“Multiple creators appear on both the top creator and breakout creator lists, showing how in 2020, a new class of creators saw quick success. It’s not just legacy creators who are amassing large audiences on YouTube,” the company stated.

Below, check out the Top Creators on YouTubers in 2020.

Top Creators

10. @James Charles

Whether people were tuning in due to a fresh controversy or for a celebrity cameo, there was never a dull moment on makeup guru James Charles‘ YouTube channel in 2020.

9. @LazarBeam

The Australian gamer and internet personality definitely kept his quarantined fans entertained with funny, farcical content.

8. @The Royalty Family

Andrea, Ali and Ferran gave their subscribers some spicy family-friendly antics, like when the two parents let their 10-year-old son control their lives.

7. @JoshDub

Fans of VR memes with a hint of broish humor probably made frequent visits to JoshDub’s channel in 2020.

6. @Chloe Ting

The fitness instructor has amassed a sort of cult-like following, likely due to some major transformations from her fans.

5. @Tiko

We’re just going to leave Tiko’s most popular video “Fishy On Me” — with 82.3 million views — right here.

4. @SSSniperwolf

U.K. gamer and internet personality SSSniperWolf became known for her mixed bag of vlogs, reaction videos and DIY experiments.

3. @ZHC

Everybody loves free stuff, so it’s no surprise that ZHC is one of the most popular YouTubers of 2020. ZHC customizes tech devices and accessories just to give them away. In 2020, some of his recipients were other internet stars, like Charli D’Amelio.

2. @Dream

The grand finale to Dream’s Minecraft speedrun, where he tried to beat the game as three friends thwarted him, amassed a whopping 51 million views in three months this year.

1. @MrBeast 

MrBeast continued to do over-the-top stunts and give away heaps of money in 2020.

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