Mother-daughter duo’s daily affirmations are the perfect start to your morning

Tiania Haneline and her 3-year-old daughter Scarlett Gray Smith are here to slip a jolt of wholesomeness into your morning coffee. The Myrtle Beach mother-daughter duo’s tagline is “positive vibes only,” and their TikTok account is just that.

The pair have made headlines with Scarlett’s daily affirmations videos. The adorable and heartfelt reminders from the insightful 3-year-old are the ultimate pick-me-up for any age.

Take a video from July where Haneline is refreshing Scarlett’s curls while they do the ritual chant in the mirror. 

“I am talented,” Haneline says as Scarlett repeats each line. “I am unique. I’m wonderful. I’m doing the best that I can. I’m blessed. I know my worth. I’m gonna do amazing things. And guess what? I am gonna have a great day. I am fierce.” 

The video racked up 148,000 views on TikTok. People were happy to bask in Scarlett’s energy. 

“I wake up every morning looking for this. Makes my day! Love you guys,” a TikTok user wrote

“She’s going to remember all these affirmations for the rest of her life,” another said

“Can’t wait to start doing this with my daughter,” one person wrote

Haneline and Scarlett have always done the affirmations but they started posting them in June in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests. Scarlett is mixed race and Haneline is white, but the mother knows how the world sees her daughter. 

“People are going to look at her as a Black woman,” Haneline told Good Morning America. “They’re not going to see her as a mixed-race woman. Instilling that, ‘I love my brown skin, I am beautiful, my curls are beautiful’ — I just want to instill that in her. So whenever she does get called names, because I know she’s going to, that it’s not going to bother her.”

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