Woman horrified by mother-in-law’s ‘creepy’ intrusion: ‘[She] has some serious issues’

A woman is upset her mother-in-law came into her home while she and her husband were away. 

She posted on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The mother-in-law let herself into their home, cleaned, cooked a four-course meal and hung pictures of herself in the baby’s nursery. The Reddit poster didn’t like the mother-in-law coming over uninvited, but her husband said it was the norm for his family. 

“My husband defended her while I was telling her how wrong it was for her to just invite herself into our home,” the Reddit poster said. “He said it’s normal for his family and that his family is just close and explained how his mom did something similar to his sister.”

The Reddit poster didn’t want to hear it, however. 

“I told both of them I don’t care how normal it is for his family, she can not under no circumstances enter our house without our permission or knowledge,” the woman wrote. “[I] explained to his mom to never do this again and that I could press charges on her. She got upset and started crying my husband tried to comfort her but she just moves away from him and said I see I’m not wanted here and left.”

Reddit users weighed in with their opinions. 

“His mother has some serious issues,” one user wrote. 

“Her behavior is creepy and weird,” another said

“She should not be just entering unannounced,” someone commented

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