Woman blown away by mother-in-law’s ‘creepy’ household rule: ‘Very weird behavior’

A woman laughed in her mother-in-law’s face after hearing her ridiculous household rules. 

But now she and her husband are struggling to find the correct response to the mother-in-law and took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. When the couple’s home had a flooding issue, the mother-in-law invited them and their kids to stay at her place. However, the mother-in-law refused to let her son and his wife share a bed. 

“After dinner, we went to put the kids in bed in the pull out couch in their TV room,” the wife explained. “She stopped us and said, if you do that, where will you two be sleeping? And my husband looked at her confused, ‘In the guest suite?’ She looked completely shocked, ‘Under my roof? Absolutely not. You (talking to my husband) can have the guest suite, but she sleeps somewhere else.’”

The husband couldn’t believe his mother was requiring them to sleep apart when the guest bed was big enough for the both of them. 

“His mom all but shuddered, she said, ‘Oh my God, why are you even making me think about this? I don’t want to think about my son in bed with a woman!’ We’ve been married eight years,” the poster wrote. “At this point, I just started to smother a smile. I seriously could not help it. Her face had gone red as a tomato and she looked so genuinely gobsmacked. She turned to me and snapped, ‘What’s funny here?” I replied, ‘I’m sorry.’ She asked again, ‘What’s funny? What’s so funny to you? Do you have to act like a child about everything?’ So I responded, ‘This is all just a little ridiculous.’ She stormed out of the room after giving us both the finger and went upstairs. She pretty much slammed her bedroom door behind her.”

The next day the couple packed their things and went to the wife’s parents’ house. But the mother-in-law is still demanding an apology. 

“Seriously creepy in the way she is infantilizing her son. Very weird behavior on her part,” someone commented

“You have two kids. Where does she think they came from?” another wrote

“It may be her house her rules, but that doesn’t make her rule any less ridiculous,” someone added.

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