A mother’s gift to her son has TikTok users ‘crying’

A mother came up with a creative way to gift her son a pair of Nike sneakers — except they weren’t actually Nike.

On Nov. 16, TikTok user @ninimon recorded her mother using a black permanent marker on a pair of sneakers with velcro straps.

“Mom, are you serious right now?” the user asks.


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But the mother, who is seen carefully drawing the Nike logo on the sneakers, is too focused on her work.

“I won’t be killed by poverty,” the mother repeatedly says in Spanish.

When the mother’s young son walks into the room, the mother then surprises him with the sneakers.

“Come, poverty won’t kill us,” the mother jokingly says to him. “Now, you have Nikes. Put them on, son.”

The mother then puts her head down on the dining table as if in disbelief that she had attempted to pass off a pair of no-name sneakers as Nikes.

“You put that on my shoes,” the son says, in reference to the drawn Nike logo.

Undeterred, the young boy still puts the sneakers on and poses for the camera.

The TikTok has since gone viral, receiving nearly 491,000 likes and more than 7,600 comments.

“Bro Nike should sign her, the way she drew it was too clean,” one person wrote of the mother.

“‘No ve va matar la sopresa’ [SENT ME],” another wrote, in reference to what the mother had said in Spanish. “She really tried to hide her laugh omg i’m CRYING.”


Other TikTokers praised the young child for taking the whole episode in stride.

“He deserves for all of us to buy him a pair of nikes,” one wrote. “He put them ‘Fikes’ on with a smile of gratitude.”

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