Mom sprinkles ‘mouse droppings’ in teen’s dirty room, ignites controversy on TikTok: ‘That’s just pure evil’

A mom’s strategy for getting her teenage daughter to clean her room is sparking a ton of debate on TikTok.

TikToker Tiffini Hamer (@proudmomager) gained over 16 million views and 42,000 comments when she uploaded her controversial video.

While some TikTokers found Tiffini’s idea hilarious and brilliant — like this dad who catches his teenage son sneaking out and uses Alexa to scare him silly — others thought the mom’s methods were out of line.

In her viral video, Tiffini pans her camera across her daughter’s disheveled room. “When your teen won’t clean her room,” the video’s caption read.

Tiffini then holds up a bag of organic black rice to the camera — her “mouse droppings.” She sprinkles the grains of rice all around the room in corners and nooks where a mouse would likely be.

And while Tiffini’s out-of-the-box strategy proved successful — she soon posted a follow-up video revealing her daughter’s much cleaner room — many TikTokers disagreed with her methods.


Since you all asked #PART2 she even cleaned her closet and got rid of clothes #NeverStopExploring #ShowYourGlow

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

“Maybe she’s overwhelmed or needs help,” read one comment, which gained nearly 70,000 likes.

“Idk… If my kid’s room looks like that, I’m going to check up on them, their mental health, their time management, etc,” wrote another TikToker in a comment liked by over 52,000 users.

“Why do people enjoy shaming their children on the Internet?” another user asked.

But some people didn’t think there was anything wrong with what Tiffini did.

“I think the video was fine! Funny out-of-the-box thinking for mom, and yay if it worked!” one user wrote.

“It’s not always about mental health. Y’all do realize that kids are lazy and just don’t wanna clean up sometimes right?” another user commented.

“That’s just pure evil. I love it, great idea,” one user wrote, laughing emojis in tow.

The video garnered so many heated comments, Tiffini posted a third video — this time, featuring her teen daughter. “Let’s talk about these allegations,” the video’s on-screen text read.

In this third installment, Tiffini’s daughter explained that her ADHD “kicked in” and impacted her cleaning schedule. She also clarified that if she had any mental issues, her mom and BFF “would be the first to know.”

As for whether or not she felt “shamed” by Tiffini’s video, the teen explained that her mom did not humiliate her by posting her room. “If she thought it would, she wouldn’t have posted it,” her on-screen text explained.

Thankfully, it seems Tiffini and her daughter have a healthy, loving and communicative relationship — and that they were both able to have a good laugh over Mom’s very viral “mouse droppings.”

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