TikTok is absolutely losing it over this family’s chaotic mousetrap game

When most people hear “mousetrap game,” they probably think of a board with cages and plastic mice figures.

In Cassi Graichen’s family, the phrase has a totally different meaning. The 21-year-old is going viral on TikTok after showing her grandmother’s wild “holiday tradition,” which really takes family bonding to a new level.

The game, which Graichen’s family played over Thanksgiving, starts with one person putting on a blindfold (usually a bad sign). Then, they stand over the dinner table and try to find the money Graichen’s grandmother has laid out.

There’s only one, slight obstacle in their way: an array of tiny mousetraps.


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As Graichen’s video shows, getting to the money means braving a field of traps, ready to snap at a moment’s notice. Her clip, which has racked up almost 1 million views, shows how several of her family members braved the game this holiday season.

Thankfully, most of Graichen’s family members seemed to get out OK. Only one family member got snapped, and, to be fair, she literally plunged her hand into the traps.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Graichen said that her grandmother consistently plans holiday “fun” like the mousetrap game.

“A lot of people are asking if my grandmother is Jigsaw; I had to explain to her what the Saw movies were,” she told the outlet.

For better or worse, TikTok users were obsessed with the idea. Many called the game “dangerous,” “scary” or “chaotic,” while others praised the idea.

“That’s so scary,” one user wrote.

“Not for the weak,” another joked.

“What other games y’all got? This one is QUALITY,” another asked.

“Grandma wakes up and chooses violence. I love it,” another wrote.

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