TikTok user discovers creepy ‘moving’ chair in backyard of new apartment

A TikToker is going viral after discovering an allegedly “moving” chair in the backyard of their new apartment.

The bizarre story comes courtesy of a college student who posts under the username @radnasty. In a series of recent clips, the TikToker shared their experience dealing with a “scary” issue outside their building.

In the first clip, which has more than 2.5 million views, @radnasty explained that they and their roommate moved into a unit on the first floor of a building. Behind the building was what @radnasty described as “nothing but forest.”

Back in that forest, they saw a chair, sitting strangely far out into the woods. However, a few days later, they went outside and saw that the chair had moved — right next to their balcony.

In the video, @radnasty asked TikTok viewers what they should do about the bizarre chair, which seemed to move without explanation.


first apartment! yes most of these stories come from real life and apparently yes, they do follow wherever you go

♬ original sound – medusa

TikTokers, who always love a saga, quickly latched onto @radnasty’s dilemma.

After the first video, @radnasty continued to post updates, including a tour of the balcony and the chair’s original location. However, the extra details only creeped commenters out more.

“You’re gonna end up on a murder mystery show,” one user wrote.

“Get a security system,” another added.

“You need to move,” another wrote.

Through it all, @radnasty seemed less creeped out than most of their commenters. In another follow-up video, they explained how they and their roommate moved the chair to a dumpster, where it’s stayed ever since.


just some random explanations for the chair: it’s real, it’s weird

♬ original sound – medusa

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