MrBeast says he lost $800k after scrapping a YouTube video series

YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, is well-known for pouring tons of money into his videos, from crafting elaborate trivia games with massive prizes to eating $70,000 worth of pizza.

He took to Twitter on Dec. 14 to address the fact that it’s been a while since he last uploaded a big video — since Nov. 28, to be exact.

“We had a massive video that we spent weeks on fall apart and it would have been a three-part series like the island,” he said, referring to the time he gave away a private island.

His fans aren’t the only ones missing out on content, though — MrBeast’s bank account has taken a hit.

“I spent about $800,000 on the videos that didn’t work out,” the YouTuber told a follower who asked how much money he “wasted.”

Fans are predictably curious about what kind of video could have cost so much money to produce, but so far, MrBeast hasn’t given any hints.

His followers aren’t holding his lack of uploads against him, though.

“I was about to sue you for starving us of main channel content… all is forgiven,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Please create a separate channel for your failed uploads, I would still love to watch them,” another said.

We’ll see what he decides to do in the next few days, as he assured his fans he’ll be back to regular uploads on Dec. 22.

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