Who is MrFeast? Fans think he might be a MrBeast parody

There’s a new internet personality in town and he has people guessing. Some suspect that the latest viral YouTuber MrFeast is a parody of the mega influencer MrBeast

It all started when YouTuber Dhar Mann uploaded a sketch featuring a character named MrFeast. Besides the similar name, the subject of the video — buying expensive products for a giveaway — was suspiciously similar to a ton of MrBeast content. Here’s why people think it’s all spoof. 

Who is Dhar Mann? 

Mann is a filmmaker and YouTuber with 11.6 million subscribers. Mann uploads short films that address social issues on his channel. The content tends to range from humorous to more earnest

Who is MrBeast? 

Jimmy Donaldson, AKA MrBeast, is a controversial YouTuber known for philanthropic stunts. MrBeast nabs huge sponsorships to give away tons of money or expensive gifts. He has also been accused of workplace toxicity, bullying and using slurs. The MrBeast YouTube channel has 66.5 million subscribers.

Who is MrFeast? 

On August 12, Mann uploaded a YouTube video called “MrFeast KICKED OUT of Store, What Happens Is Shocking.” In the video, a fictional YouTuber called MrFeast and a group of friends go to a store to buy 100 PS5s to giveaway. The manager of the store, that happens to be financially struggling, gives them a hard time and kicks them out. When the manager figures out who MrFeast is, they bury the hatchet and MrFeast buys the whole store out. Mann’s sketch received 4.7 million views. 

The skit is exactly the kind of half altruistic, half self-aggrandizing content people have come to expect from MrBeast. It also borrows the “click-bait” video title style of MrBeast whose recent videos are “I Got Hunted By The FBI” and “If You Can Cary $1,00,000 You Can Keep It.”  

Mann admits it’s a MrBeast parody

Mann pinned a comment onto the video, saying, “This video was just for fun! We have tremendous respect for MrBeast and love all the great philanthropical work he’s doing to help change lives. If anyone from MrBeast’s team sees this we’d love to donate the ad revenue from this video to your philanthropy fund please get in touch!” 

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