Doctor breaks down fascinating MRI of baby at 27 weeks gestation: ‘The body is amazing’

A doctor revealed stunning footage of a fetus at 27 weeks gestation. 

Dr. Michael Narvey is a pediatrician with over 365,000 followers on TikTok. The doctor gave his audience a “treat” when he showed a rare look at what it’s like for a 7-month-old fetus living inside a womb. The MRI video captured the infant swallowing amniotic fluid. 

“Get ready for a treat today,” Dr. Narvey said. “What you’re seeing is a baby on MRI at 27 weeks gestation.” 

The doctor explained the footage was a great reminder that babies swallow amniotic fluid. 

“If you look carefully, you’ll see the baby open their mouth many times. And what they’re doing is swallowing that amniotic fluid,” he said. “The amniotic fluid goes into their stomach, is digested, goes through their kidneys and is peed out and becomes amniotic fluid again.” 

Dr. Narvey also pointed out that you could see the baby play with their feet again. 

“The body is amazing,” the doctor signed off

The illuminating video received over 15.2 million views on TikTok

“Our bodies are so awesome. This is such a cool thing to see,” a user commented

“I’m embarrassed that I was a baby once,” another joked

“Not sure I needed to be reminded I once drank amniotic fluid, peed it out and drank it again,” someone wrote

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