Woman’s lifetime obsession with My Little Pony worth $80,000

You have never seen a My Little Pony collection like this. 

When Stephanie Nasello received her first My Little Pony toy at three years old, she became obsessed. Now at 37, she has a massive collection worth $80,000. She spent less than half that, roughly $30,000, on the 4,500 plastic horses in her assortment. 

The Toronto native struggled with bullying growing up and the ponies gave her a sense of comfort. 

“Growing up is hard and I really took on ponies as my identity when I was 16 because I struggled so much with my identity,” Nasello told Metro. 

Nasello scours eBay, toy stores, garage sales and thrift shops to find rare My Little Pony pieces. She keeps her arsenal of toys in what she calls “The Pony Room.” It’s a 26-foot by 13-foot room in her home with 13 bookcases filled with memorabilia. 

“It’s almost magical; you can’t walk in here and feel sad,” Nasello told Metro. “Imagine finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but it’s all rainbows — that’s my room!” 

Her favorite ponies are “Diamond Dreams” and “Peppermint Crunch.” But her most valuable item is a pony from Greece worth $450. While she collects items from other toy franchises like Winnie the Pooh, Lord of the Rings and He-Man, the My Little Ponies are the most abundant in her inventory. 

Nasello’s favorite part of being a collector has less to do with the objects themselves, however. 

“I know it’s cliché to say making friends but truly it is the best part. After all, friendship is magic!” she told Metro. “The community is fantastic and I have made lifelong friends along the way”

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