Reddit parents are totally stumped by mysterious animal on kids’ ABC rug: ‘Dear God, what is it?’

Parents are struggling to identify a mysterious creature spotted on a children’s alphabet rug.

Posted to the subreddit r/BeyondTheBump, the thread has received nearly 500 upvotes and 200 comments.

According to a comment left by the original poster, they found the rug in the children’s section of their local library. “I was saying the animals and sounds out loud for my 10 month old and did a double take when I saw that guy,” the poster explained. “I do not know the sound that thing makes, lol.”

Now people around the world are taking a stab at identifying the creature — which, it would seem, begins with the letter U.

“U is for Ugly? Maybe?” one user guessed.

“Upchuck,” wrote another.

“Uh-meba,” joked one user.

“Urine stain,” suggested another.

“Unknown,” one user wrote.

“Unicellular organism,” replied another.

“U is for ‘Ur turn to clean it up, babe,'” joked another user.

“Urchin, drawn by someone who’s never seen one,” one user guessed. Most Redditors agreed it was likely meant to be an urchin — though a terribly unrealistic one.

But his wasn’t the first time a child’s alphabet rug has stumped parents.

When one user couldn’t figure out what the N was supposed to stand for on their baby’s rug, they took to Reddit to try to solve the mystery.

“Probably nest or nestling,” one user suggested.

“Could be for newborn or nursling,” another user wrote.

“N is for Nugget,” joked another.

While we may never know what the rugs’ designers actually meant to depict, their works of art are certainly inspiring a lot of fun discussion all over the world.

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