Woman shocked when mystery dog shows up in mother’s house

A woman was shocked when she started recording a video and saw a random dog in the background of her video. 

Daphne Berry (@Daphneberry_) was in awe when she turned around to face a dog she’d never seen before. Luckily for her, the dog, whose tag read Chaplin, was friendly and let her approach him. 


Why does this shit happen to me????

♬ original sound – daphneberry

“Who are you?” Berry confusedly asked the dog. She looked back at the camera and said, “This is not my dog.”

Considering it was their first time meeting, Chaplin was an extremely good boy. He let Berry pick him up and even fell asleep on her lap later in the video. He didn’t bark once in the post either. 

“I love that he’s like ‘ There’s no need to yell at me, I’m just breaking in’,” commented @redirtgirl under the video. 

However, the mystery of where Chaplin spawned from was still unsolved. Berry’s video has over 12.8 million views and 2.5 million likes — yet nobody could recognize the dog. 

Berry provided an update hours later and began with an important recap of the last video. 


🐶 here ya go. All the answers.

♬ original sound – daphneberry

“I was at my mother’s house before,” she said. “I’m back home now”

She said she called the phone number on Chaplin’s collar for “half an hour”, but nobody answered.

When her mother walked into the house soon after, Berry asked her mother who the dog was. Much to the surprise of Berry, her mother calmly said,” That’s Chaplin.”

Berry said her mother explained that Chaplin was the neighbor’s dog and dug a hole under the fence. Apparently, Chaplin escapes quite often, as Berry’s mother feeds him “chicken sausages.”

Once Berry found out the whole story, she was much calmer. 

“Apparently, he’s a friend of the fam,” Berry said towards the end of her update video. “He’s back home with his family — his real family. We’re his adopted family, and my mom just likes to increase his cholesterol levels as much as possible.”

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