Playing this mobile game could help you score free hotel rooms in Las Vegas

With the pandemic raging on, most travel plans are still on an indefinite hold. However, while we wait for things to return to normal, there is something you can do to prepare for your next getaway: play MyVegas Slots.

What does an online casino game have to do with traveling, you ask? A lot more than you think.

As TikTok user Kara Metzger recently pointed out, MyVegas Slots is a mobile and Facebook game that offers rewards in exchange for chips. Users can earn chips on the app simply by playing virtual slot machines. There are options to buy extra chips on the app, but it’s easy enough to earn them without ever spending a dime.


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Once you accrue enough chips, you can head to the “Rewards” section to the app and exchange your chips for everything from free hotel rooms to discounted dinner deals. Metzger said that she stays at the Mirage Hotel “for free” all thanks to the app. (She just had to pay the $30 resort fee every day.)

“You can’t pass that up,” she added.

Though this all seems too good to be true, MGM Resorts actually advertises the MyVegas Slots app on its website, noting that it “gives you amazing rewards from your favorite MGM Resorts destinations.”

“You can earn free hotel rooms, meals, show tickets and more,” the company notes.

Naturally, people rushed to the app store to download MyVegas Slots and start earning enough chips to eventually get a free room.

“It’s so addicting,” one person said.

“And here I was thinking I was going to sleep tonight,” another joked.

Other people vouched for the MyVegas Slots app, noting that they’ve also used it successfully.

“I’ve gotten free nights at New York New York,” one user said.

“I play this every single day!! I have enough for a free room rn,” another added.

A third person shared some advice from their time playing. “Play the game on Facebook,” they said. “It doesn’t limit the amount of points you can gain every day. The app only allows so many until it caps out. Use both.”

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