Move over, ‘nacho table’ — ‘pasta table’ is TikTok’s new favorite dinner concept

This really takes “family style” dining to a whole new level.

A college student has TikTok deeply divided after sharing a video of her family’s “crazy” dinner idea. The meal, referred to fondly as a “pasta table,” is certainly a sight to marvel at.

Is it a sight to actually eat, though? That’s the question sparking a massive debate online. The video, posted by a user named Erin, has drawn plenty of criticism for being “gross” or flat-out “crazy.”

Basically, Erin’s family put together a full-on Italian dinner with no plates, no boundaries and no rules. Instead, they simply spread a meal of cooked pasta and garlic bread on a massive, aluminum foil-covered table.


Y’all have heard of ##nachotable I raise you pasta table ##fyp ##college ##pasta

♬ CEO of speaking French – c.est.bon.bon

The video, which now has more than 1.5 million views, was seemingly inspired by a similar TikTok phenomenon: nacho table. That dinner idea, shared by a user named Stephanie, is also exactly what it sounds like.

Nacho table drew plenty of extreme reactions, and its pasta counterpart is no different. Hundreds of commenters reacted to Erin’s video, with many disparaging the idea.

“As an Italian imma have to pass….” one user wrote.

“Y’all went too far with it now,” another added.

‘This was a very bad idea,” another added.

Others, meanwhile, were very praiseworthy. Plenty of commenters seemed to think the meal would be delicious — and probably pretty fun.

“A million times better than nacho table,” one user wrote.

“Lowkey wanted to see the whole lay out! Really neat idea!” another added.

TikTokers suggested all kinds of ideas for a sequel, including a chicken nugget table and an ice cream sundae table. Apparently this is a trend now, so only time will tell which giant food spread we’ll get next.

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