National Adoption Month: Mom opens up about being adopted from South Korea by white parents in America

This TikToker shared what it was like growing up Asian with white parents and her story is so powerful!

November is National Adoption Month, and it is a time for raising awareness about the impact adoption can make in a family’s life.

In a powerful video, beauty TikToker, Amy Chang (@bondenavant) shared her adoption story and explained what it was like being adopted from South Korea by white parents in America.

In the video, she shares her struggles, and the huge impact the support of her parents made on her life. 


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The video begins with Amy sitting in front of the camera in her home. A photograph of her with her family appears on the screen as Amy begins to speak. “I’m not gonna lie. Growing up adopted with white parents as an Asian woman was very challenging at times,” she explains, recalling how she was adopted twice.

First, as a baby, she was adopted in South Korea. Then, later, her American parents adopted her through foster care. “It definitely left me with abandonment issues that carried over into all of my early romantic relationships and even some friendships,” Amy recalls. “There was this added layer of race and identity to my story because unfortunately, we live in a country that first and foremost sees skin color.”

Fortunately, Amy’s parents were aware of her struggles, and encouraged her to seek therapy. “My parents were very unique. I mean, they really believed in the power of therapy after having used it to overcome their own struggles in life, and so from the age of 12 until 19, every week for 7 years, I saw a therapist,” she explains. “Honestly, I think therapy along with their love and support is what helped me get through those struggles.”

Amy concludes her video by expressing her support for adoption, but warning that it comes with its own challenges. “Adoption is a wonderful thing and it definitely helped improve my life for the better, but I think it comes with a responsibility,” she says. “Knowing what you’re getting into and committing to loving that child and helping them work through the layers that come with adoption.”

Viewers applauded Amy’s powerful video and shared their own adoption stories.

“I am also an adopted child, and my mom always told me that I wasn’t from her belly but I was from her heart, and that was very precious,” one viewer recalled.

“I was adopted from Guatemala and my parents are white. I wouldn’t want it any other way though. I love them so much,” shared another viewer. 

“Love your story! I’m adopted from China!” wrote another TikToker. 

If you’re considering adopting, National Adoption Month is a great time to seek resources and information to learn more about the process. And it’s also a perfect time to seek out stories like Amy’s about the power of adoption.

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