Native TikTok shares fry bread recipes

Learn how to make fry bread, the pan-Native American dish that’s taking over TikTok!

While the origins of fry bread are complicated (the recipe originated with the Navajo tribe more than 150 years ago during colonization), the bread has become a popular dish among many Native American tribes. As its name suggests, fry bread is a soft, flat bread that’s fried in oil and can be enjoyed on its own or with various toppings. With its increasing popularity on TikTok, authentic fry bread recipes are more accessible than ever!

Allie Newlin, @allienewlin_ (Navajo), is an Indigenous TikToker who shares videos of her family, daily life and the occasional recipe. Recently, Newlin posted a four-part video series detailing her fry bread recipe, and it looks so good you’ll want to make this fluffy, delicious fried flatbread a go-to meal. 

First, Newlin mixes 7 cups of Blue Bird flour and approximately 2 ½ handfuls of dry milk in a bowl. Next, she adds a few spoonfuls of baking powder to make the bread extra fluffy. Then she tosses in some salt for flavor. 

Newlin then adds water and mixes all the dry ingredients into a dough. Finally, she flattens the dough into flat circles before frying until golden brown and slightly crispy. 

Flattening the dough is an art form in itself and a crucial step that can make or break your fry bread. If you’re looking for tips to effectively press the dough, TikToker Erin Tapahe, @tapahe (Navajo), has a video that breaks down the best way to tackle this essential technique.

“I know how important food can be to a culture.”

Viewers were unanimously salivating over the pillowy, steaming piles of fresh bread and expressed gratitude for being introduced to the recipe. 

“Thank you for sharing. I know how important food can be to a culture,” one user remarked on Newlin’s video. 

“This is so amazing that you’re willing to share this family recipe. Thank you so much. I love frybread,” another viewer commented. 

The clips also stirred up fond memories of family among other users. 

“OMG, we make something very similar from Uzbekistan,” one viewer shared on Tapahe’s video. 

“We as Maori also make frybread. Love it,” noted another user on Newlin’s video. 

If you’re looking to try a dish that’s delicious and honors Indigenous culture, definitely give fry bread a shot!

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