Naughty baby has hilarious reaction to hearing Mom’s voice on baby monitor: ‘I’m literally dying’

A rambunctious baby was caught red-handed by Mom on her baby monitor — and the hilarious footage is going viral!

TikToker mom, @lizroseshort, provided the background details in her on-screen text: “My baby was jumping in her crib when I put her down for a nap, so I decided to try the microphone feature on her monitor.”

In the video, we see Liz’s baby bouncing away in her crib, totally oblivious to the fact that Mom was seeing everything through the monitor.

Eventually, Liz gets on the mic and calls her baby’s name gently, “Bella!”

Immediately, Bella flops onto the mattress, sprawled out as if she’d been sound asleep the entire time.

Liz cracks up as Bella continues to lay there, desperate to convince her eye-in-the-sky mommy that she’s sleeping.

“I’m literally dying,” Liz wrote in the caption of her video, which has now been viewed over 13M times.

‘And the award for best actress goes to…’

Over 24K TikTok users jumped into Liz’s comments to share their reactions and thoughts.

“You know you’re in for a while ride when she’s a teenager,” one user wrote.

“She’ll win when someone yells ‘Andy’s coming!’ In years to come,” wrote another user, referring to the way the toys flopped lifelessly whenever a human approached in the “Toy Story” series.

Other TikTokers weighed in with their own similar experiences.

“I tried this when my kids were playing in their room… They thought I was Jesus! Is that you Jesus?” joked one user.

“My daycare littles do it all the time. It is hilarious. Like we don’t know what they are doing,” shared another user.

It looks like Liz certainly has her hands full, as spirited little Bella is sure to inspire a lot more laughs as she grows up!

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