Gen Z is mocking the way Australians say certain words

Gen Z is obsessed with how Australian accents sound to them and can’t help but poke fun at them.

Everyone has an accent, we just only notice the ones that are different from our own. When Americans heard the way Australians pronounce certain words, they couldn’t help but turn the accent into a meme. It’s all in good fun, even a few Australians are in on the joke. 

What does ‘naur’ mean? 

Americans created ‘naur’ as a way of phonetically spelling the word “no” in a typical Australian accent. There is a tinge of playful mockery to it, of course.  

“Australians trapped in a Jigsaw trap would be like ‘oh naur, it’s Jigsaw,’” @reindeereks tweeted. 

“Can I play this?” @seynique pondered, showing a photo of her Scrabble letters spelling out “naur.” 

Some Australians did kind of agree that they do sound like that.

Australian @thienpham_ provided audio of himself saying, “Oh naur, it’s Jigsaw,” as evidence. 

TikTok has turned ‘naur’ into a meme

“Australians when their car gets towed: naur, naur not my car,” @theonapple said. 


OH NAURRR THE FARKIN TRAFFIC 😤🤬 #aussie #aussietok

♬ original sound – Starr Anyse💫

In an F-word-laden rant, Australian @starmcg did an impression of an American impersonating an Australian person stuck in traffic. 

“More swearing and you would have nailed it,” someone joked

“It’s like you’ve watched me drive,” another said



♬ original sound – Jalani

“Girls, if you have to convince yourself he’s cute: naur naur,” @jalanibaby said on TikTok

“I thought I was the only one who said ‘naur,'” someone commented.

“Australians have entered the chat,” another wrote.

The ‘H20’ TikTok meme is another way people poke fun at Aussies

H20: Just Add Water is an Australian children’s show about a group of secret mermaids. People often quote the series as a way of teasing Australians about their accents. 

“Oh, naur,” @heyyahoo49 said as a splash of water “transformed” her into a mermaid. 


I don’t remember this episode … #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #H20 summerfails dayinthelife

♬ No Ordinary Girl (Theme) – Indiana Evans

“Oh naur, I’ve got to get to the water,” @userconnorw said. 

“The accent is spot on tho,” a user wrote

“The accent is sending me,” a person said

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