TikToker reveals she asks her friends to sign ‘nondisclosure agreements’ when they hang out

A TikTok user is raising eyebrows after sharing her policy of asking her friends to sign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs).

In a series of viral videos, the TikToker, named Brianna (@breezyqbaby), revealed that she often asks her friends and family to sign contracts after particularly gossip-heavy conversations.

NDAs are a common legal agreement that forbids the signer from discussing any information included in the document. They are common in contract law, as they can help protect company secrets, private details and other confidential information.

However, most TikTokers had never considered that they could be used for gossip — until Brianna’s videos went viral.

In her most popular clip, the TikToker shared footage of several friends signing a contract after they ate dinner together.

“Spilled a lot of tea at dinner today, so I had my friends sign my NDAs,” Brianna wrote in the post.


For those who thought I was joking. Signed and sealed. #nda #whatstea

♬ Pennies From Heaven – Remastered – Louis Prima

“For those who thought I was joking,” she added in her caption. “Signed and sealed.”

That video — as well as several others on Brianna’s page — raised a flurry of questions from viewers.

“Who are you?” one user wrote.

“What happens if they spill your tea? How can you prove it was them that spilled?” another asked.

Many questioned the validity of the documents — and asked why Brianna would need her friends to legally swear their secrecy. It’s unclear if the nondisclosure agreements in Brianna’s video are fully legally binding; however, it is fairly easy to print fully fleshed-out templates online.

Other commenters, meanwhile, said they loved the idea. Some even asked Brianna for her template so they could start using the NDAs themselves.

Brianna, for her part, seems to have embraced the curiosity surrounding her documents. She’s posted several videos on the subject, and has even changed her bio to read “Gorgeous, gorgeous girls have NDAs” — a reference to TikTok’s viral “gorgeous, gorgeous girls love soup” trend.

One thing Brianna hasn’t done: Explain what kind of tea she’s been trying to keep secret.

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