Airline passenger baffles TikTokers with ‘brilliant’ budget travel hack

An airline passenger is going viral after sharing how she uses a neck pillow to dodge extra luggage fees.

The budget-friendly travel tip has been trending on TikTok for a few weeks now, but it’s getting more attention thanks to user @anayotothe. In a series of now-viral clips, the TikToker shared her progress as she successfully pulled off the hack.

Her trick, which uses an airplane pillow to sneak extra luggage onto the plane, is just the latest travel hack to spread widely on the app. In recent weeks, users have shared how to easily track flights on an iPhone and how to save money by buying your tickets at the airport.

In @anayotothe’s first clip, she explained that she was using a budget airline to fly to Las Vegas. To avoid the airline’s strict baggage rules, she packed a neck pillow full of extra luggage.

“My flight is in three hours. Let’s see how this goes,” her caption read.

TikTokers immediately jumped in to praise the hack, calling it “brilliant.”

“I needed this!” one user wrote.

“It’s really crazy to me how they make us pay extra for bags,” another added.

“I do it all the time!” another agreed.

Users were especially curious to know whether @anayotothe got away with it. So, she shared a follow-up TikTok to confirm it worked — and explain how easy it was.

“It took me five minutes to do that,” she said in the video.


Reply to @boricua.geek update on if I made it onto the flight w/o paying extra! #budgettravel #travelhacks #travelpillow #blackgirltravel #blacktravel

♬ Aesthetic Girl – Yusei

The trick also comes just months after another neck pillow hack, in which user Sidney Raz shared that millions of people have been using neck pillows the wrong way. Meanwhile, TikTokers have also shared their attempts to sneak extra luggage inside a full-sized pillowcase.

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