Woman’s neighbor cleverly copies her Christmas decorations

A woman couldn’t believe it when she saw her neighbor’s holiday decorations

It’s not just in suburban neighborhoods; even renters with apartments love creating holiday displays on their doors. Decorating is a great way to add a festive and personal touch to your surroundings. So naturally, TikToker Hannah was a little taken aback when she noticed her next-door neighbor copied her Christmas decor. 


I put the wreath out last night and he already had this up this morning 😂

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“I got a wreath and apparently my neighbor liked it too,” Hannah said. “I put the wreath out last night and he already had his up this morning.” 

First, the camera focused on Hannah’s adorable wreath. It was a small wreath with leaves, pine cones and berries hung around the door’s peephole. Then the camera panned to her neighbor’s door. He had the same wreath … sort of. It was actually a print-out of a photo of Hannah’s wreath on her door. So clever and hilarious. 

The funny video received 15.4 million views and 4.3 million likes on TikTok

“Minimal effort, maximal joy,” someone commented

“Your neighbor wants to be friends. Be friends with them, please,” another said

“This is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” a user wrote

Hannah and the neighbor have since continued to one-up each other. Each time one of them puts up a new decoration like a doormat or garland, the other has to recreate it using photos. They’re currently on part five of the saga. Now that’s a new holiday tradition if there ever was one. 

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