Pet owner slams neighbor over their ‘ridiculous’ financial request: ‘Don’t pay them anything’

A pet owner is refusing to pay his neighbor’s cat’s medical bills.

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to explain what happened. His neighbor’s cat crawled into his home through the doggy door. His dog then attacked the cat, but the cat was ultimately fine. The neighbors insisted he cover the costs of the cat’s medical expenses. But he thinks it’s the neighbor’s fault for letting their cat enter his house. 

“Every now and then my neighbor’s cat would be sitting on top of the fence and my dog would bark at it, but the cat would run off,” he wrote. “Not really an issue. [Then] their cat came through MY doggy door. My dog was alerted within seconds and reacted way faster than I could ever. The cat did receive some damage, but I managed to save it from my dog. I then rushed it to the neighbor’s, and I drove them to the vet (they didn’t have a car.) Their cat was okay, hurt, but okay. I brought them home and as I was saying my goodbyes and giving my condolences, they asked about medical expenses.” 

The Reddit poster has insurance for his dog, but couldn’t afford the cat’s bills. 

“I told my neighbor this, but they told me I’m at fault because it was my dog who attacked their cat,” he said. “I failed to see how it was my fault, as the animal was trespassing in my own home, and my dog was reacting because its territory was being infiltrated. They said some choice words but I ended up refusing to pay by saying, ‘I’m not paying for your cat’s medical bills, forget it,’ and I walked away. Other neighbors are now giving me dirty looks and I just don’t feel welcomed here.” 

“These people are ridiculous for thinking they can force you to pay,” one user wrote

“Don’t pay them anything,” another said

“By letting their cat out alone, they consented to anything that would happen to it there,” someone commented

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