Neighbor takes ‘turf war’ literally

The grass may not be greener on the other side, but in this case, it is certainly better kept.

Silly neighborhood disputes are almost inevitable when it comes to buying a home, but some of them are too ridiculous not to make fun of. A Twitter user who goes by the name Matty posted a photo of how his next-door neighbor was taking the phrase “turf war” very seriously.

“Next door with top class grass banter,” Matt wrote.

Matty’s neighbor blatantly toed the small line between the two houses and mowed their side of the grass, leaving Matty’s looking overgrown and wild.

“Decided I am going to leaving it, when their grass grows back I’ll mow mine,” Matty said in a follow-up tweet. “I will like this game.”

The tweet went viral and received over 88,000 retweets and over 7,000 people responding with tales of their own neighborhood petty fights and ideas for further revenge.

For now, Matty’s only real concern is whether the neighbors have seen his tweet.

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