Woman enrages neighbors with new home privacy measures: ‘Rude and unacceptable’

A woman is fencing off her property to keep her neighbor’s children out. 

The 26-year-old moved into a home with a pool after inheriting some money from a family member. Her new neighbor “Kaylie” told her that the old homeowners would let her kids Brad, Chad and Lea swim in the pool. The woman took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to share what happened.

“I am introverted, I love my privacy, first thing I did when I moved in was put up curtains,” the user said. “I told her I was uncomfortable with that arrangement, but perhaps they could come over occasionally if they don’t abuse the privilege. Cue the children abusing the privilege all summer. Every time I was out swimming, it would not be long before Chad and Brad would run over and jump in, followed by Lea with her floaties. And being teenage boys, they’d always want to roughhouse or gape at me or my friends when we’d get out of the pool and make gross comments.”

The teenagers were over multiple times a week and would bring over friends. The 26-year-old eventually decided to put up a fence to keep her privacy and because she’s getting a dog.

“Kaylie ran out of their house when she saw me and a couple of friends hammering in the fence,” the user wrote. “I told her how in the beginning I had said they could use the pool as long as they did not abuse the privilege and they did. I said now they can only come over if invited. She told me they were going to be crushed and saw me as a big sister, I told her no teenage boy looks at their sister the way those boys looked at me and my friends. She took huge offense to that and it might have been gross to hear, but so were the comments on my bikini from her boys.”

Reddit users largely sided with the poster, noting that she had no obligation to host her neighbor’s kids.

“Seems rude AF to me and awkward. It’s not your job to entertain someone else’s kids,” one user wrote

“I’d ask her what part of her son’s behavior is acceptable,” another said.

“You set out rules and consequences fair and square, they abused the privilege,” someone else wrote.

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