First-time parents are throwing ‘nesting parties,’ and TikTok is obsessed

Make way, baby showers and gender reveal parties! There’s a new prenatal party hitting the parenting scene, and TikTok thinks it’s brilliant.

With a new baby comes an avalanche of items to unbox, shelves to reorganize and stock, clothes to hang and fold, bottles to sterilize, food to make and freeze, furniture to assemble — and rather than tackle all this alone, first-time parents-to-be are turning to their proverbial village for help.

Called nesting parties, these get-togethers help new parents get their homes in order before their little one arrives — and they’re taking social media by storm.

In the final weeks before a baby’s arrival, expecting parents have a lot on their plates — and the urgency created by the “nesting” instinct likely just adds fuel to the fire.

According to the APA, the American Pregnancy Association, “nesting” during pregnancy is the overwhelming desire to get your home ready for your new baby. “The nesting instinct is strongest in the later weeks coming upon delivery. … Some women want to deep-clean the entire house, paint or organize cabinets and closets. You will find others just want to arrange their baby’s clothes in a drawer.”

That’s where nesting parties come in!

“You’ll hear all the time when you’re pregnant, ‘Let me know if you need anything, let me know if you need any help,’ and the answer is, you do,” TikToker and mom-to-to be @ivorylynn_ said in her nesting party video.

“Even if you and your partner are powering through, doing the best you can to get everything done, take people up on that offer. That’s why you have a nesting party. It provides space and opportunity for people to help you.”

Much like baby showers, nesting parties celebrate the new arrivals with food and cute signage — but the objective of the party is to use many hands to make light work.

The parents-to-be typically make a list of items they need completed, and each guest tackles an item on that list.

Making padsicles, prepping freezer meals, assembling nursery footage, sorting clothes, unboxing baby shower gifts — whatever the new parents need, the party gets done (and likely has fun doing it).

TikTokers have fallen in love with the idea of nesting parties, as made evident in the comment section of @zhane_evette‘s video.

@jasmineeaster_: “This is so smart! I love it!”

@_whoisjalisa: “Omg I am going to do this!! Have your video saved & I’m sending out!!”

@niaiucreations: “I loveeeee this idea, Thank you! I look forward to do this soon with my next one.”

@melissagomez0127: “I love that you did this & you had an Amazing support group to help you !  I’m due any day now & I wish I would have done this !”

@bblank1992: “I love this idea! I’m 22 weeks and on partial bedrest. I need family and friends to come help my hubby get our nursery ready!”

@onlytyleee: “I love this!!! I support this 100%. This is soo helpful!”

@mrbabymommy: “Cancel the baby shower this is what I want”

@everythingfarrah: “I had a nesting party for my third baby, 10/10. Enjoyed it more than any baby shower I’ve had.”

Looks like this prenatal party trend is here to stay!

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