This curly hair technique called ‘net plopping’ promises to give you bouncy, defined curls

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Sure, most of you curly girls have heard of “plopping.” But you have never plopped like this.

On the latest episode of Pretty Beautiful, video producer Lisa Azcona tries a “plopping” technique involving stockings — fishnets, to be specific. This may sound odd, but stay with it.

“Basically, I’m going to be using fishnet stockings to create bouncy and frizz-free curls,” Lisa says.

Now, the idea of plopping isn’t new — not by a long shot. The curly hair technique often involves using a cotton T-shirt to pile your curls on your head, encouraging springy, frizz-free curls with less breakage. But fishnet plopping? Now this is new, innovative territory.

First, Lisa washes her hair like normal, detangling it with a paddle brush and adding in her favorite curly hair products. 

“I usually start with a leave-in conditioner and combine it with something that will give my hair a bit more body, like mousse,” Lisa says.

She also uses a pretty awesome scalp massager to give her hair a little lift at the roots. 

Head Massager, $5.99

Credit: Amazon

Then comes the fun part: Grab a pair of fishnets and put them on — your head. Yes, these stockings are going over your head, holding your hair in a “plopped” position on top of your crown. Tie the stocking legs around your head to secure the innovative head wrapping. 

Fishnet Tights, $4.79

Credit: Amazon

Next, grab a blowdryer with a diffuser attachment and start distributing heat around your entire head. When your hair is almost dry, Lisa says to take your hair out of the stockings and use the scalp massager one more time. Then, use the diffuser to lift your curls toward your scalp, blowdrying until your hair is bouncy, lush and dry. 

“They’re definitely less frizzy than what I’m used to seeing,” she says. “I know it’s going to look even better tomorrow.”

Lisa admits the fishnets were kind of annoying to deal with — and made her hair take a long time to dry. But with results like these, net plopping might be worth the hassle.

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