Woman claims esthetician found microbeads in her pores from popular face scrub: ‘I’m so freaked out’

A TikToker alleges that using a popular face scrub caused her skin to become full of beads. 

After visiting her esthetician, @emickkah claimed the skin care professional discovered microbeads inside of her pores. The esthetician suspected the culprit was a Neutrogena grapefruit scrub she had been using. She tossed the face wash in the trash and issued a warning on TikTok

In The Know reached out to Neutrogena for comment but has not heard back at the time of reporting.

The issue arose mid-facial when her esthetician asked if her face wash had tiny red or orange beads in it. 

“Neutrogena beads have been stuck in my face,” @emickkah claimed. “Stuck in my face. She pulled out multiple Neutrogena beads. If you are using Neutrogena grapefruit scrub: stop!” 

She then pointed to several red spots on her face where beads were removed. 

“There were beads in my skin. I’m so freaked out,” she said. 

According to Metro, “microbeads can vary in size from 1 millimetre to as tiny as 0.01 millimetres, while the average diameter of a human pore can vary from 0.04-0.08mm.” 

This means that it’s very much possible to get microbeads lodged in your pores but that we may not realize it because they’re so small. 

People shared their run-ins with microbeads in the comment section.

“You’re telling me that my facial wash that I’ve been using for years is probably why my acne never fully goes away,” a user commented

“Yes! I used the beads in my early 20s thinking it would exfoliate. But I got the worst acne after and even got a bead stuck in my tear duct, no thnx!” another wrote

“YESSSS! I used to use this as an exfoliant after shaving my bikini area and i would find the beads in my pores,” someone added

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